Google's AI error leads to $100 billion decrease in shares

Google Bard AI mistake causes $100 billion loss

Google is looking for new ways to persuade customers that the company is still in the lead in the competition to develop the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

The internet giant appears to be arriving at the incorrect conclusion, at least up until this point.

An advertisement that was supposed to show off its new artificial intelligence bot showed it responding wrong to a question.

Google's AI error causes massive stock drop
$100 billion loss: The result of a Google AI bot mistake

On Wednesday, shares of parent company Alphabet fell by more than 7%, which reduced the market worth of the company by $100 billion (or £82 billion).

During the marketing for the bot known as Bard, which was launched on Twitter on Monday, the bot has posed the question of what information regarding the discoveries made by the James Webb Space Telescope they would provide to a child of that age.

It stated that the telescope was the first to take images of a planet outside of the earth’s solar system, despite the fact that the European Very Large Telescope made that claim in 2004. Scientists on Twitter quickly pointed out the error.

Why didn’t you investigate the facts before sharing this example with others? Chris Harrison, a fellow at Newcastle University, responded to the tweet with a response.

A presentation that the company delivered to investors on its plans to implement artificial intelligence in its goods was not well received by the investors for a number of reasons.

Since the release of new ChatGPT software in the latter half of 2017, when it was backed by Microsoft, Google has been under increasing amounts of pressure. Because of its ability to ace business school exams, write music lyrics, and provide answers to various types of inquiries, it immediately became a hit on the internet.

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This Monday, Microsoft announced that an updated version of the Bing search engine, which has lagged behind Google for several years, will incorporate ChatGPT technology in a form that is even more sophisticated than before.

Investors have shown support for the advancement of artificial intelligence; nevertheless, skeptics have cautioned that accelerating the release of the technology increases the likelihood of errors or other kinds of skewed outcomes, as well as problems with plagiarism.

A spokesman for Google stated that the blunder emphasized “the significance of a thorough testing procedure,” which is something that Google is beginning this week with their Trusted Tester program.

They stated, “We will mix feedback from outside sources with our own internal testing to ensure that Bard’s responses satisfy a high bar for quality, safety, and roundedness in real-world information.”

In the midst of layoffs at a number of other top tech firms last month, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, reduced its staff worldwide by 12,000 employees, or nearly 6% of the total.

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