Is Unity Software Stock Undervalued? Here's What You Need to Know

Is Unity Software Stock a Buy?

Since reaching its all-time high, the stock price of this rapidly expanding 3D software company has dropped by 86%.

Unity Software (U -3.51%) is the industry standard when it comes to the provision of tools for the development of real-time 3D software. It is best known as the software engine that is utilized in the production of video games for mobile devices and consoles, which is the primary function for which it is recognized in the gaming community. However, Unity is selling its 3D software into several businesses in addition to the game industry, which has the potential to develop into a significant opportunity.

Why Unity Software Stock May Be Worth Considering for Long-Term Investors
Digging into Unity Software Stock: A Bullish Case for the Future

Despite this, the company has not produced the results necessary to justify the high price it was given previously. The stock has dropped 86 percent from its all-time high since the market’s decline in the previous year. Although the slowing increase of revenue was a contributing factor to the issue, the sell-off was exacerbated by the fact that the company’s adjusted loss from operations widened to $90 million the previous year on revenue of $1.4 billion.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the stock to see if it’s worthwhile to invest in it.

The expansion of sales is proceeding favorably.

In addition to offering a software platform that is utilized by graphic artists in the gaming, cinema, architectural, and other businesses, Unity also offers in-game advertising services, marketing solutions, and other tools to assist mobile-app developers in monetizing their apps. This platform is used by graphic artists in all of these markets.

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In all areas of their operation, the corporation saw a growth of 25% in the previous year. If not for a problem with the way its in-game advertising business was executed, Unity would have expanded at a much faster rate. Unity acknowledged that it had ingested false data into its platform during the first quarter of the previous year. As a result, the accuracy of its Audience Pinpointer tool suffered, and the company saw a loss of income. Because of this, the corporation lost more than one hundred million dollars in revenue.

The expanding operating losses were another factor that was dragging down the stock price, but things appear to be looking up in this regard. In its fourth quarter as a publicly traded business, Unity reported its first profitable quarter on an adjusted basis. Additionally, management provided guidance that margins will continue to increase throughout the year 2023.

What to anticipate in the year 2023

The management anticipates that sales would increase by between 47% and 58% year over year in 2023. This increase will include additional revenue from the acquisition of ironSource, a market-leading technology company that assists mobile-app developers in expanding their businesses, which took place the previous year.

The anticipated growth is positive in light of Apple’s adjustments to iOS’s privacy settings, which have made it more difficult for apps to follow users for advertising purposes. These changes were introduced in response to Apple’s iOS 12 release. On the earnings conference for the first quarter of 2022, Unity reported that its ad business had generated “significant growth” prior to the data issue with the Audience Pinpointer, despite the fact that this has been a huge impediment for firms that are involved in social media.

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In general, Unity anticipates that it will perform better than the advertising market this year, which speaks eloquently about the value of its service and its capacity to assist app developers in navigating the challenging advertising climate.

Investors would be well to keep an eye on the ironSource acquisition since it presents a significant opportunity. ironSource is a market leader in technology that provides assistance to mobile app developers in expanding their businesses, and it has the potential to be a significant driving force over the next few years.

With the addition of this feature to its platform, Unity is now able to provide assistance to developers at every stage of the process of developing a successful mobile-app business. These stages include the production of software, distribution of the software, and the generation of income. According to the guidance provided by management, this has the potential to be a significant growth accelerator.

Is there room for the stock to go up?

The company is currently trading at a price-to-sales ratio of just 6.3, which is considered to be conservative. That sounds like a reasonable price for a software company that is expanding quickly. For instance, cybersecurity and cloud businesses that generate revenue through software subscriptions such as Unity are currently valued at more than ten times their annual sales.

It is obvious that the market is penalizing Unity for its exposure to the weakening mobile ad industry; but, a flourishing economy in the future could change the market’s perception, which would result in higher prices for Unity stock.

It is also important to note that Unity’s potential applications extend far beyond the realm of video games. The company revealed that revenue from nongaming sectors increased 118% year over year during the previous quarter, in comparison to just 24% growth with games. This is despite the fact that the gaming industry is a massive one, valued at over $200 billion.

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Given these chances, it’s not hard to see how the stock could gain a higher value under the halo of greater optimistic mood prevailing in the stock market. In the event that the P/S ratio goes any lower, purchasing this item will feel like a phenomenal steal. It appears like a decent moment to buy at least a small stake in the stock, and if Unity executes against its guidance, buy more shares. The timing seems to be favorable.

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