How to Style Nike Blazers?

How to Style Nike Blazers?

Nike blazers have become a staple in many people’s wardrobes. They’re comfortable and stylish and go with just about anything. But how do you style them so they really stand out? In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on how to style Nike blazers so you can look your best. From choosing the right accessories to pairing them with the right outfit, we’ve got you covered. So read on and take note of our tips so you can start styling your Nike blazers like a pro! (Also Read: Can you Bring Shaving Cream on a Plane?)

What is Nike Blazers?

Nike Blazers are a type of shoe that is designed for outdoor use. They were first introduced in 1972, and they have been a popular choice ever since. These shoes have a rubber sole, which is meant to provide traction on slippery surfaces.

Plus, the rubber sole is waterproof, so the wearer can wear them in wet conditions without worrying about getting their feet wet. The Nike Blazers were originally designed for hunting, but they have also become popular fashion footwear because of their style and versatility.

When did Nike start making Blazers?

Nike blazers have been around since the early 1970s. The shoe was originally designed as a basketball shoe but has since become a style icon. Nike Blazers were first made popular by NBA players such as George Gervin and Sidney Moncrief. In the 1980s, Nike Blazers became a symbol of hip-hop culture thanks to artists like Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. Today, Nike Blazers are worn by celebrities and fashionistas alike.

How to style Nike Blazers?

Style your Nike blazers with a variety of outfits, from casual to dressy. Choose from these 8 ways to style your Nike Blazers:

1. With a dress and heels: If you want to dress up your look, try wearing your Nike Blazers with a dress for an evening out. Add some height with some heels or wedges, and you’re ready to go!

2. With jeans: One of the most popular ways to wear Nike Blazers is with jeans. Throw on a cozy sweater, and you’re good to go!

3. With shorts: A pair of Nike Blazers looks great paired with shorts, especially when they match the color of the Nike Blazers!

4. With leggings: Leggings are perfect for pairing with Nike Blazers because they can be dressed up or down depending on what’s needed for the day ahead!

5. With joggers: Joggers are another great way to wear Nike Blazers because they have room for both feet in them!

6. With combat boots Under a skirt: Combat boots are great with skirts because they add a bit of height and style to the lower half. You can also wear them under dresses or over skirts and dresses.

7. With layered outfits: If you have a few outfits for the day, simply layer on the Nike Blazers with another outfit for a different look!

8. With skinny jeans: One of the best ways to wear Nike Blazers is when they match your skinny jeans!

Are all Nike Blazers the same?

Nike blazers come in a variety of different styles, each with its own unique look. The most popular style is the classic Nike Blazer, which features a simple design and a clean look.

Other popular styles include the Nike Blazer Mid, which has a higher ankle and a more modern look, and the Nike Blazer Low, which has a lower ankle and a more vintage look. No matter your personal style, there’s a Nike blazer that’s perfect for you.

Where to buy Nike Blazers?

There are a few different places where you can buy Nike blazers. You can purchase them online from Nike’s website or from retailers such as Foot Locker, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Finish Line. You can also find them at some department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and JCPenney. Prices for Nike blazers vary depending on the style and where you purchase them, but they typically range from $60 to $120.

Are Nike Blazers a trend?

Nike blazers have been worn by many celebrities over the years. Some of the most notable celebrity wearers of Nike blazers include:

Kanye West
Kendall Jenner
Gigi Hadid
Bella Hadid

Each of these celebrities has their own unique style, and they have all managed to make Nike blazers look cool and stylish. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to style Nike blazers, then be sure to check out some of the looks these celebrities are rocking.


With the right styling, Nike blazers can be a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe. We hope that our tips have helped you figure out how to style your own pair of Nike Blazers and show you just how great they can look. (Also Read: Can You Bring a Flat Iron on a Plane?)

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