Ryanair and EasyJet looking to capitalize on Flybe's demise by hiring staff

Ryanair and EasyJet looking to hire Flybe staff following airline’s collapse

The workers who have been let off as a result of the bankruptcy of the regional airline Flybe are encouraged to submit applications for positions with the low-cost airlines EasyJet and Ryanair.

On Saturday, Flybe was placed into administration, which resulted in the termination of 277 employees.

The British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) reported that it had taken calls from concerned Flybe employees in the early hours of Saturday morning.

However, Martin Chalk, the leader of the union, claimed that there were jobs “out there.”

Flybe staff in high demand as Ryanair and EasyJet seek to fill vacancies
Ryanair and EasyJet positioning to hire former Flybe employees

EasyJet reported that it had 250 open positions for flight attendants.

Ryanair announced that it was hiring for positions across the board, including those for pilots, engineers, and ground workers, in a message that was published in the careers section of the airline’s website.

According to Mr. Chalk, who is the general secretary of Balpa, “Of course there is upset and concern.”

According to what he claimed, some of the crew had already been through an event like this when Flybe went bankrupt three years ago. As a result of this event, the airline laid off 2,000 employees before beginning operations again in April of the previous year.

“The benefit is that this time around, the market is slightly more buoyant than it was, now that Covid is largely in the rear view mirror,” said Mr. Chalk. “This time around, the market is considerably more buoyant than it was.”

The airline industry is also resolved to prevent a repeat of the disaster that occurred one year ago when a lack of workers led to the cancellation of thousands of flights, which resulted in passengers being left stranded and seeking compensation.

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The slogan is “jobs for all.”

As a result of the company entering administration, Flybe has cancelled all of its scheduled flights to and from the United Kingdom, affecting a total of 75,000 people.

Passengers have been frantically searching for different means to get to their destinations.

However, according to airline analyst John Strickland, it is unlikely that the majority of Flybe’s workforce will be left high and dry.

He stated, “My expectation is that airlines have not completed all of their recruitment for the summer, so there will be gaps and opportunities.” “My expectation is that airlines have not completed all of their recruitment for the summer.”

A message that was made on the website of Ryanair encouraged employees of Flybe to submit applications for new positions with the airline.

The advertisement stated that “[Ryanair has] positions for all of you, across all aspects of our business,” which included positions for flight crew, cabin crew, engineers, ground support, and office workers.

EasyJet stated that it was not actively recruiting pilots at this time but that it would encourage Flybe cabin crew members to apply for the 250 jobs that were available at Gatwick and Luton airports.

EasyJet stated that the Flybe cabin crew would be expedited through the hiring process and may begin work within ten days. The hiring process for successful applicants to head office posts might be accelerated in as little as 14 days.


Flybe filed for administration for the first time in March 2020 after being derailed by the pandemic, which resulted in practically all flights being cancelled. It was saved by Thyme Opco, a company that is connected to the United States-based hedge fund Cyrus Capital, and it was relaunched at the beginning of 2022, but as a much more modest operator.

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According to the airline expert John Strickland, this meant that a significantly smaller number of jobs were at risk this time around.

According to what he had to say, “[And] it’s clearly a more hopeful period for the workforce.” “The original Flybe company went bankrupt with somewhere about 70 aircraft, and at that point, we were just entering the industry-wide shock that was caused by Covid.”

“Contrast this with the revitalized Flybe, which has just approximately five aircrafts and is entering a period in which we are seeking to leave Covid significantly behind us, a period in which airlines are positive about reservations.”

He went on to say that it seems as though both Ryanair and EasyJet are in a good position to hire more employees.

Despite the difficulties that were experienced in the prior year, Ryanair has already returned to being profitable. Furthermore, Chief Executive Officer Micheal O’Leary recently stated to the Financial Times that he sees “no indicators” of the current economic slump affecting airlines.

The chief executive officer of EasyJet, Johan Lundgren, stated in an interview with the BBC that his company had seen a rebound in revenues, which has resulted in a reduction in its losses.

According to Mr. Strickland, Flybe had not been successful in capitalizing on the increase in demand for travel, which he attributed to the airline’s lack of “a clear and defensible business strategy, given that regional flying is the toughest segment to be in.” Additionally, Mr. Strickland cited the rising cost of fuel as a contributing factor.

Mr. Chalk of Balpa stated that he would like to engage with the industry and the government to try to guarantee that there was a more stable market rather than “the churn,” which is the practice of businesses hiring employees from one another.

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