Twitter's technical problems persist with second outage this week

Twitter has second tech issue in a week

Twitter has once again been plagued by technical issues, this time preventing users from uploading images and links to the platform. Twitter has been experiencing issues for the past seven days in a row, including this most recent incident.

When users clicked on the links within the posts, they were presented with an error warning.

Twitter experiences another technical glitch in the same week
Twitter users frustrated as platform faces second tech issue in a week

Twitter blamed an internal change that “had some unintended repercussions” for the fact that certain aspects of the service were not “working as anticipated.”

After that, it stated, “It is expected that everything will now function normally. We appreciate your continued support!

Elon Musk, the chief executive officer, tweeted about the issues as they emerged “This foundation is extremely fragile (sigh). Will be corrected in a brief while “.

The website Downdetector, which monitors the functionality of a variety of websites, discovered at one point that more than 5,000 users had reported experiencing technological difficulties.

Users were warned by some news publishers that they may experience difficulties when interacting with their Twitter accounts.

Bloomberg sent out a tweet containing a link to its report on the issues along with the message, “if you can click this link, Twitter’s fixed its bug.”

In addition, problems were experienced by certain third-party services that exchange data with the platform through the use of a protocol known as an API.

Frequent Difficulties

The platform appears to be experiencing a greater number of technical issues as of late, as was noted by the experts.

According to Alp Toker, director of internet outage tracker NetBlocks, Twitter’s reliability issues appeared to have increased under Mr Musk’s leadership following previous problems on March 1 that persisted for two hours.

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“It started shortly before the Musk takeover itself,” he said. However, he continued, “The main spike has happened after the takeover, with four to five incidents in a month – which was comparable to what used to happen in a year.”

Even though there’s no proof that this is what’s causing the recent problems, Twitter and other tech giants have been letting go of a lot of employees, including a new round just seven days ago.

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