Twitter Users Caught in Crossfire of Outage and Daily Tweet Limit

Twitter Users Struggle with Outage and Tweet Limit Constraints

Because of the technical issues that were being faced by the service on Wednesday, some Twitter users were unable to post tweets.

Users who had reached their maximum daily number of tweets sent out received a notification that reads, “You have exceeded the daily limit.”

The problem was discovered by the website DownDetector, which monitors outages, a few minutes before 22:00 GMT.

Twitter Outage Leaves Users Over Tweet Limit
Daily Tweet Limit Causes Frustration During Twitter Outage

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter in October of last year for a total price of $44 billion (£36.5 billion), the number of employees at Twitter has been significantly reduced over the past several months.

A month ago, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX stated that Twitter had approximately 2,300 people, which is a significant decrease from the approximately 8,000 staff that were there when he took over.

Experts have been saying for months that such big cuts to the workforce could cause tech problems, but it’s still not clear whether or not Wednesday’s outage was caused by the smaller staff.

It would appear that a portion of the outage was quickly resolved, as numerous users have reported that they are able to tweet.

Even though they did not publish anything on Wednesday, some users claimed that Twitter informed them that they had exceeded the maximum of 2,400 tweets that can be made every day.

Twitter messages were another issue that users of accounts reported having trouble with. A number of customers reported that they were unable to access TweetDeck, which is a dashboard that is compatible with Twitter.

It is currently unclear how many people were impacted by this issue.

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Some Twitter users have said that the site isn’t working right for them. I’m really sorry about the trouble. We know about the problem and are working to fix it.” Based on what Twitter says.

In recent weeks, a great number of users have complained about problems when using Twitter; for example, some users have claimed that they may improve the reach of their tweets by locking their accounts.

The Information says that Mr. Musk told Twitter staff to stop adding new features “in order to improve system dependability and robustness, especially since the Super Bowl is coming up.”

Twitter also announced that customers of its subscription service, which costs $8 per month in the United States, can now write longer tweets.

Subscribers to Twitter Blue now have the ability to publish up to 4,000 characters, which is a significant increase over the 280-character limit that is imposed on users who do not pay for the service.

The business stated in a lengthy tweet announcing the new function, “But don’t worry, Twitter is still Twitter.

During this time, DownDetector also reported an outage on YouTube, which affected a reported 65,000 users at their peak.

Following reports that the website’s homepage “is down for some of you,” YouTube, which is owned by Alphabet, issued a tweet stating that the firm was looking into the matter. Alphabet is Google’s parent company.

They sent an email with the following message: “We’re looking into it… truly sorry if you’re experiencing this.”

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