Who is Joe Biden?

Who is Joe Biden?

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is the 46th President of the United States, and he is a member of the Democratic Party. He previously served as the 47th Vice President from 2009 to 2017 under President Barack Obama. Before becoming president, he represented Delaware in the United States Senate. He served in the Senate from 1973 until 2009.(Also Read: A Judge Rules That Donald Trump Voted Fraudulently)

Beau Biden died of cancer.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Beau Biden, has died of cancer. Beau underwent surgery at a cancer center in Houston, Texas, in 2013 after a small tumor was discovered in his brain. He later went on to become Delaware’s Attorney General and received the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq. However, a few months after his diagnosis, he began feeling weak and disoriented. His cancer treatment included chemotherapy and radiation. Fortunately, Beau’s cancer had not spread to other parts of his body, but he was treated aggressively.

Who is Joe Biden?
Who is Joe Biden?

Biden’s cancer diagnosis came in August 2013, a little more than a year after his father’s. The diagnosis prompted Biden to undergo surgery and chemotherapy to combat the disease. But a few months later, his cancer returned. That meant that his ambitions for higher office had to be put on hold. At the time, Beau Biden’s chief of staff, Tim Mullaney, believed he would rebound. But he died before he could run successfully for the Senate seat that his father had left open.

The death of Beau Biden has stirred controversy. While President Joe Biden has promised to improve veteran services, there is some evidence that his son contracted cancer while serving in Iraq. Biden’s son was a Bronze Star recipient and a Conspicuous Service Medal recipient. The military’s association with the deaths of these men has led to many theories, including the possibility that the toxins from burn pits could have caused his condition.

In addition to being a former vice president, Biden also fought in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He served at Camp Victory, located 50 miles north of Baghdad, and at Balad Air Force Base. Both of these bases reportedly used large burn pits. After the war, he trained local judges and prosecutors in Kosovo. Sadly, Beau Biden died of cancer.

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Hunter Biden is an attorney.

If Republicans win the midterm elections, Hunter Biden could become a focal point of their oversight efforts. GOP lawmakers have talked about examining certain communications on his laptop and other materials he may have access to. They have also said they could issue congressional subpoenas to foreign companies he did business with.

Hunter Biden’s involvement in politics is complicated. His public duties often overlap with those of his father. He also has a long history of doing business with questionable partners, including a partnership in Ukraine. His personal problems also spill over into his political career. He had a crack cocaine addiction, went through a divorce, and was involved with his brother’s widow. Republicans have tried to link his business ventures to his father’s business activities.

Hunter Biden has long been the target of conservatives. They accuse him of a pattern of corruption in his overseas business deals. If Republicans take over the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, they intend to investigate him. However, Hunter Biden has said that his personal life was troubled and he had a “massive drug problem.” However, he denies any wrongdoing.

Hunter Biden has also confirmed that he is under investigation for tax-related issues in 2020. His business dealings in China and the Ukraine have also drawn scrutiny. One Ukrainian energy company paid Hunter Biden $50,000 a month for his services. These dealings have also led to questions regarding the Biden family’s ethics. However, the accusations of misconduct against Hunter Biden have not been proven, and the judicial process has yet to rule on them.

Federal agents believe there is enough evidence to criminally charge Hunter Biden. David C. Weiss, the US attorney for Delaware, was nominated by the Trump administration, but he has stayed in his job despite the political backlash.

Jill Jacobs was killed in a car accident.

After her husband won the 2004 election, Jill Jacobs became more involved in politics. At the time, she urged her husband to run for president again. She even completed a doctorate degree in education under her maiden name from the University of Delaware. She also worked full time as a teacher.

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She was the oldest daughter of Donald and Bonnie Jacobs. She attended the University of Delaware and got married during her junior year. Her brother, Frank Biden, arranged a date between Jill and Joe. He had seen her picture on a poster, and was interested in seeing her. When they met, they immediately hit it off.

Joe Biden was in the midst of interviewing staff for his new office when he received the news about his wife’s death. He later said that Neilia had accidentally hit a tractor-trailer, causing her death. She had planned to help organize her husband’s office while he was in the office.

While Joe decided not to run for president in 2016, Jill was a key voice in his 2020 presidential campaign. She took a break from teaching to join him on the campaign trail. Jill even sat behind Joe during a speech in Iowa. The two were close friends, and she was a supporter of her husband.

Joe and Jill married in 1977. The couple had two children—Beau and Hunter. Both boys were boys when Jill started dating Joe. Their mother, Naomi Jacobs, died in a car accident in 1972.

Neilia Hunter was a lifeguard.

On August 13, 1974, Neilia Hunter was on her way to pick out a Christmas tree with her young daughter Naomi in her lap. The two of them were traveling north on Route 7 when Neilia pulled out in front of the truck. The truck, a tractor-trailer farmer’s truck, had the right of way and T-boned Neilia. Afterwards, Assistant Delaware Attorney General Jerry Herlihy tried to cover up the accident by destroying all the records of it.

Neilia Hunter was the homecoming queen at Syracuse University in 1964. She was beautiful, and Joe fell in love with her. After the two were married, they lived at 608 Stinard Avenue in Syracuse. Neilia taught at Bellevue from 1964 to 1968.

The Biden family’s relationship with Neilia has a complicated history. The couple were married in 1975. In a statement, Jill Biden explained that in 1972, Biden told her he would speak at the Democratic Convention, which is traditionally held in July. She said this referred to the Democratic Convention held in Miami Beach in 1972. After that, Biden won the race for senator.

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Joe Dirt’s extramarital relationship led to the birth of his daughter, Ashley. The family was devastated. Joe Dirt lied to his wife and daughter about having an extramarital affair. Then he threw up in his wife’s face. He was a filthy pervert. Joe Dirt was also accused of preying on Ashley, his daughter.

Joe Biden’s relationship with President Obama

Joe Biden’s relationship with President Obama is a complex one, with a lot of ups and downs. As vice president, Biden had a lot of work to do to make the president’s job easier, and he was also under tremendous emotional pressure, which led to a close bond. The saga forced the two men to work together and sealed their relationship. At home, Biden was under constant emotional and political pressure, and at times, he had to make decisions for Obama and was more likely to think about him than the president-elect.

The two men enjoyed each other’s company and worked closely with each other during serious Cabinet meetings. The president also consoled Biden when his son Beau died of a brain tumor. He also helped Biden deal with the decision not to run for president in 2016. Obama also worked with Biden to prevent Trump from becoming president in 2020.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama questioned Biden’s decision to run for office, but over time, Obama became more active in advising Biden’s campaign. He even requested a briefing from the Biden campaign before Biden officially entered the race. Biden initially ran for president because he felt he could do a better job than other candidates. Moreover, he believed that there were no negative consequences. He also wanted to push his favorite policy idea, which was to divide Iraq into three groups based on ethnicity.

While Joe Biden and President Obama were running mates, Joe Biden was a standard bearer for change. He was aware of racial dynamics but never abandoned his ambition to become president. His steady vice presidency has translated into frontrunner status in the 2020 presidential race.


According to forbes, Joe Biden earned $17.3 million over the four years he was out of office, but his net worth is only an estimated $8 million. (Also Read: One of the World’s Most Spectacular New Libraries Has Opened in Dubai.)

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