Russian agents may have hacked Liz Truss's personal phone

Russian agents may have hacked Liz Truss’s personal phone

It has been revealed that Russian agents may have hacked Liz Truss’s personal phone, which could have given them access to top-secret negotiations with key allies and personal messages between Truss and her Ghanaian aide, Kwasi Kwarteng. This hack took place during the summer, and the British government reportedly knew about it at the time but suppressed the information. (Also Read: The Apple Company History)

Messages between Ms. Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng were compromised.

In the summer of 2016, the Foreign Secretary’s personal mobile phone was hacked by suspected Russian spies. As a result, top-secret information and private messages were obtained. These included sensitive details about arms shipments. The phone has since been placed in a secure location for analysis. The hacking was discovered by security services during the Tory leadership contest. It was passed to then-PM Boris Johnson and cabinet secretary Simon Case. Both were quick to move to prevent the details of the hack being released to the public.

Russian agents may have hacked Liz Truss's personal phone
Russian agents may have hacked Liz Truss’s personal phone

The messages uncovered were from the phone of Liz Truss, the former foreign secretary. They included sensitive discussions regarding the war in Ukraine and arms shipments. Messages between Truss and Kwarteng were also compromised. This hack caused anxiety among cabinet ministers.

Although the UK government’s security systems are robust, the hacked phone still revealed sensitive personal information. It is unclear whether the information contained in the messages was stolen from the phone of a foreign power. But the government is sure that the steps it has taken to protect cyberspace will keep this from happening again.

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The UK government’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, is facing the challenge of balancing the budget. Her bold economic promises, such as big tax cuts for high-earners and corporations, are putting her government’s finances under strain. She also announced the resignation of Kwasi Kwarteng, the finance minister. However, the resignation is not yet final.

The hacking of the mobile phones of UK MP Liz Truss has caused significant uncertainty. The phone was secured in a safe, but there are concerns that it was leaked to a third party. The phone also contains private and highly sensitive discussions. This has led to several major security issues.

Liz Truss’s phone was hacked by Russian agents in the summer of 2016. The hackers were able to obtain details of the UK’s negotiations with key allies, as well as messages between Truss and Kwarteng, the foreign secretary. The British government suppressed these details.

The messages were intercepted and sent to foreign governments. Some of the content of the messages included details about the shipments of arms and criticism of Boris Johnson. They could be used for blackmail. The UK government has refused to comment on whether or not the messages of the two ministers were intercepted and leaked. However, a source familiar with the incident says that the incident caused “absolute pandemonium.”

Messages with foreign officials about the Russian invasion of Ukraine were also compromised.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a significant and damaging impact on global markets. World prices for commodities have increased by several percentage points, and the war has disrupted energy supplies. Russia, a traditional supplier of fossil fuels, has suspended gas deliveries to many EU member states. However, the EU has reacted quickly to secure supplies in all member states. Meanwhile, Russia’s actions have hampered the export of agri-food, worsening the global food crisis.

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The hacking of the Foreign Secretary’s phone is a particularly troubling development. It is believed that up to a year’s worth of messages were downloaded. The Foreign Secretary may have been so worried about the hack that she was unable to sleep, and she may have worried that the messages would damage her campaign for party leadership.

Despite the compromises, the EU is united in its support for Ukraine and condemns Russia’s unprovoked aggression. It has also expanded sanctions on Russia and added a significant number of entities to its list of sanctions. It has also offered Ukraine military assistance to combat the conflict. Along with the military help, EU leaders have worked with other partners and allies to help the people of Ukraine.

The European Council met on June 23–24, and European leaders have urged Russia to stop targeting agricultural facilities and open the Black Sea ports. They have also asked Russia to stop putting sanctions on Ukraine so that food and other help can get to the country.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is an ongoing international crisis. During the conflict, several European nations have expelled Russian diplomats. On Monday, several European countries also expelled Russian diplomats. In a similar manner, the Bulgarian PM fired his defense minister for promoting Putin’s spin.

The Ukraine’s conflict poses a moral challenge to the entire world and Europe. Human rights, the UN Charter, and values are being violated, and the West cannot afford to stand by and remain indifferent. As a result, the war in Ukraine represents a war against the West.

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A special report by Microsoft details the Kremlin’s cyber division’s activities in the country. It reveals how Russia’s military has attacked Ukraine with both kinetic and cyber means. It’s possible that the Kremlin broke into the computers of the Ukrainian government and changed messages. (Also Read: Elon Musk officially owns Twitter)

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